VHTA awards 2012 Hotelier of the Year to Cornerstone Hospitality’s President

Kimberly Christner, President and CEO of Cornerstone Hospitality was awarded the 2012 Hotelier of the Year award by the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association at their Annual Meeting held at the Hotel Roanoke in April 2013. The award is given to the individual hotel owner and operator for their leadership and exemplary action and dedication to the hospitality industry.


Cornerstone Sets New Trend with NanoTouch Products in Guestrooms

When a hotel offers something truly unique to first-time and repeat guests, word spreads quickly. When that offering helps keep germs from spreading, word-of-mouth goes viral in a good way. That's what happened at the boutique Craddock Terry Hotel, managed by Cornerstone Hospitality, when they started featuring a trio of NanoTouch Materials products in their guestrooms.

Small-town boutiques offer big advantages

There's whimsy there, said Kimberley Christner, president and CEO of Cornerstone Hospitality, who was hired as a development and operations consultant on the project and now manages the property. "It's an anchor of the area." Cornerstone is working on three more boutique hotels in historic Virginia towns.

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