Service is what our business is all about. If you don't like to serve others then it's not the right business for you. Operating hotels for so many years, we know what it takes to make our properties successful. And not only do we have the right attitude, we have the right mix of services to leverage a property's potential for success.


We know operations and we’re great at it! And, we are uncompromising on our delivery of a quality product to every guest. From the moment they hit our website or call our front desk until the moment they check out, the service they receive is everything they’d expect - STELLAR. We train for performance and continuously follow up, not only to make sure every team member adheres, but to make sure they do it with passion. It is our goal to exceed our guests' expectations and knock it out of the park on brand standards.

Sales and Marketing

Well, since this is where the honey-pot is we make sure we have the sweetest sales team around! We only hire those who are driven, know how to find business and then how to go out and bring it home. We've been fortunate to get the benefit of a great sales team in the markets we serve. They are the best of the best at generating revenue and building long-term relationships with our clients - bar none!


Since it's all about the money, we researched the top accounting platforms and selected M3. This program offers real-time accounting and allows us to retrieve both financial management information as well as hotel statistics at the drop of a dime...though we don't drop those...except in the deposits. This provides us and the leadership team at each property the opportunity to make decisions quickly and accurately. We also have an owners portal in which owners can access their financial statements and hotel reports in real time anytime they would like. The REAL DEAL when it comes to transparency.

Revenue Maximization

While sales is working on their honey-pot, the busy bees on the IDeaS Revenue Maximization team are focusing on the virtual business in the world of the Internet for our independent/boutique properties. We also work with the brands and our own internal Revenue Management teams to make more honey for the branded hotels. They work directly with the property leadership and sales managers making sure that they are yielding the most revenue for their rooms possible. Sweet!

Consulting and Development

Hey, like they say "If you're not growing you're dying!" We have consulted on many projects, but we're always looking for opportunities to grow. Whether you're looking at a potential site or have already selected your site, we can perform market studies and bring together a team of people who can help you get your project on solid ground right from the start! Check out our all-inclusive development team.

Development Team

Market Study

Nothing like having an expert evaluate a project and development site prior to making a commitment. Kimberly has experience conducting market studies to determine the feasibility of the project and then putting together a marketing plan and operating budget to drive success.

Assumption Plans

Purchasing an existing property - let us insure there is a smooth transition. We're great at making sure the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted therefore insuring great operational success from the start.